Top 7 Solo Travel Tips: Best Tips for Traveling Alone

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Every individual dream to go on a solo trip at least once but may not make it up due to the work and a busy schedule or afraid of exploring alone. Solo travel is something that makes you independent, and confident that lets you make use of all your freedom to travel alone anywhere. Solo travel lets you come out of your comfort zone where you can apply your own opinion on life. Solo travel allows you to entertain yourself completely. Traveling alone can never be boring until you make your journey memorable.


Why Solo Travel?

Solo travel lets you change your views about the world. You get a chance to collect memories instead of things. You’ll get to know who you are and learn to not take other people’s opinions too seriously. Solo travel makes you learn how to make things happen. It allows you to know how to deal with the unknown. You get a chance to learn and discover new things on your way. Solo travel makes you face your strength and weakness, brings out a new you.

But to have a sound journey you need to know certain safety tips for traveling alone too.

Here are the top 7 solo travel tips to make your journey safe and sound.


  1. Plan in Advance

Planning a solo trip is not a piece of cake as you are required to do your homework wisely before you arrive at your destination, even though if you are not traveling alone for the first time. Know how long it takes to arrive at the destination, book the tickets prior if you are planning to go by flight, and rent a bike, car, or cab if you wish to go by road. But before that know your budget and expenses and plan wisely. Research about the place, it’s weather and climate. Book lodging that provides 24-hour work service. An important solo travel tip for females is to check on the dates before confirming.


  1. Carry Your Essentials

Don’t be in a hurry while you pack your bags, make sure you don’t miss out any essentials. Carry a first aid box, medicines, and prescriptions with you in case of an emergency. Keep a copy of your identity proof like your passport and driving license and keep the original safe. Make sure you don’t overpack your luggage as you are the one who has to carry it all the way.  Carry the clothes which make you appear native to that place. Remember to carry your phone charger, power bank, and headphone. Make a playlist of songs on your phone that inspires your travel. Make a list of things which has to be purchased once you reach your destination, like toothpaste, tissues, soap, and others.


  1. Adapt to Your Destination

Take a day to relax and watch the city and its people. Be patient, take as much time as necessary, and try out things you normally wouldn’t do. Roam around and know the way back to your destination. Make use of Google maps to discover more places. Don’t appear like a tourist, dress up like the locals, and have a pleasant smile on your face.

  1. Be Aware of Safety

Try not to show off your ornaments or costly gadgets that attract others. Take care of your belongings and make sure you don’t misplace them. If possible you can either leave it back home or have a secret pouch where you can keep them safe. Don’t carry too much cash with you, have a card. Sometimes traveling alone can be confusing when you are not sure of what you are doing, try to act confident enough.


  1. Meet New People

Don’t appear as a stranger, mingle with others on your way. You’ll get to meet other solo travelers on your way with different views and opinions.  Explore the place and know about the locals. Try communicating with the people around you. Be kind to the people who help you out in knowing things. Try to know their culture, tradition, cuisine, and history.


  1. Know Your Limits

Don’t be too friendly with every other person you meet on your way and share your thoughts, remember they are just like a passing cloud. Don’t get drunk, stay sober. Don’t be truthful always, sometimes you have to cook up some stories too. Don’t pay too much attention to what other people say, remember no one is going to judge you.


  1. Stay in Touch

This is an important thing to keep in mind, keep updating your family and friends about your whereabouts. Share your location with them as they’ll know where you’ve been at that moment. Do share your experiences and thoughts on social media once you are back home.



Start your journey once you know the solo travel tips and safety tips for traveling alone. Do not forget to make your journey memorable by capturing all those memories and get inspired to go on a solo trip again.






Top 7 Solo Travel Tips Best Tips for Traveling Alone


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