6 Reasons to Love Joe Rogan


I have been listening to the Joe Rogan Experience quite a bit lately. While many know him as the guy who made people eat bugs from Fear Factor, Joe Rogan isn’t your average celebrity. I’ve put together 6 Reasons To Love Joe Rogan.

1.Psychedelics, Isolation Tanks, and So Much More

Whether he is talking about a trip on mushrooms, an hour in the isolation tank, or an MMA fight, he knows how to keep it interesting. With so many topics on his podcast, there is rarely a dull moment.


2. Joe Rogan Is Positive

Whenever I see a person be positive about a negative situation, I instantly gain respect. Joe Rogan seems to find the positives in almost all negative situations. Here is an example of his positive vibes.



3. He Sees It How It Really Is

The man just gets it. He sees life for what it is. Joe Rogan isn’t afraid to question something and look for answers.

Joe Rogan- Universe

4. Joe Rogan is Just Plain Hilarious

Even when he isn’t trying to be funny, Joe Rogan has a way of making people laugh. With his way of telling stories and impressions, he can turn any topic or conversation in to a comedic bit.

[blockquote style=”style-1″]“If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.” – Joe Rogan[/blockquote]

5. He Doesn’t Make It About Himself

You can tell Joe Rogan genuinely cares about people. He’s always tossing out advice on how to make life better. He makes helping people his business.


6. He’s a Genius

He is a lot smarter than you may think. His intelligence seeps out of him by the way he looks at and questions the world. The more you listen to the guy the more apparent his intelligence becomes.


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