Benefits of Using Psychedelics


Psychedelics are a class of drugs that alter cognition and perceptions. These drugs often change the way the person sees the world and alter consciousness. Well known psychedelic substances include LSD, mushrooms, cannabis, DMT, MDMA, and Ibogaine. When used responsibly and in the right setting, these drugs can have a variety of benefits.

Improve Compassion

One of the biggest benefits that psychedelics offer is that they improve compassion of the user. When used, they dissolve barriers that are often perceived. It allows the user to see everyone as what they really are, human beings. There are no preconceived notions of what a group really is like or isn’t like. Seeing every single person as just a human being and not belonging to a specific group removes judgments and improves compassion.

Help with mental disorders

Psychedelics are finally starting to be looked at again as a way to treat mental disorders. Since the late 60s, psychedelic research has been somewhat of a taboo in the medical community. Universities such as the Johns Hopkins University have started opening up new studies into psychedelics. Drugs like psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA have both been seeing interest as a potential cure for PTSD and depression. Early stages of research look fairly promising in using psychedelics as a therapy.

Stress relievers

Let’s face the obvious… Psychedelics can be fun! If used by responsible adults in a safe environment, psychedelics are a safe way to have a little fun. It is like taking a mini-vacation, right at home. As long as users are being safe and responsible, who has the right to deny them to alter their consciousness?

Allow Acceptance

One benefit many find in the use of psychedelics is acceptance in life. Since the mind is opened up and boundaries are dissolved, evils like prejudice and preconceptions are let go of. Often, users of psychedelics will find themselves more open to new ideas.

Create a future oriented mindset

Users of psychedelics will often find themselves to be more future oriented. While living in the present is important, keeping the future in mind is also important. Psychedelics are a tool that allow users to open their mind and think about how future generations will be affected by today’s actions.

As with any aspect of life, psychedelics must be used in moderation and responsibly. They have the ability to transform a life for the better but can also be dangerous. Users must be responsible about their use and use them in the right setting. Who knows? Maybe someday a society in the future will have clinics that administer psychedelics. Thank you for reading and as always, keep An Open Mind.



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