Top 12 Creative Money Saving Ideas

Top 12 Creative Money Saving Ideas

save money
save money


Money-saving tips and ideas are something that every individual is interested in exploring to bring out some profit in the savings. Here are some best money saving ideas that can save several hundred or even thousands of dollars per month.


  1. Track Your Spending

You might be astounded about where your cash is going. Track what you spend to know how little costs add up. With a thought of what you need to do at the present moment, make sense of how much cash you’ll need and how long it may take you to save them. Make use of an expense tracker to track your spending.



  1. Reduce Bills

Switch to cheaper cell phone plans or prepaid plans where you pay only for what you use.   Make your home energy efficient by installing solar panels and the use of a CFL bulb in the place of incandescent bulbs which reduces electricity bills.


  1. Plan Your Expenses

Maintain a budget planner to divide your income and expenses on a monthly basis. This could be the best saving idea as you’ll know how much to spend on shopping and groceries after paying the bills and rent. Adhere to your budget plan by evaluating it consistently and saving the expenses on less useful things.


  1. Sell Unnecessary Things

There might be plenty of things at your home that you might have the option to sell. Selling used gadgets like cell phones, laptops, cameras, play stations can get you some money. Refurbished furniture is another part of the things to sell and make money. Books, clothes and many more can be sold regardless if you have used them or they are no more useful, you will have some earning.


  1. Rent Your Belongings

Rent your spare room, parking lot, and garden space, and earn money in return.  Renting your camera, electronic tools, bicycle, car, or bike for the short term can get you a reasonable amount of money too.


  1. Buy an Insurance Policy

Insurance helps you avoid going into debt if you ever lose your job or have to pay unexpected medical expenses. Buying an insurance plan for vehicles and homes can save you from investing in unexpected damage. It is also important to have insurance to cover your expenses for medical treatments.


  1. Quit an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Improving your way of living by quitting smoking, drinking, and avoiding unnecessary partying is the best saving idea. If you notice, you actually spend one-fourth of your income on them.  You can save a lot of money when you avoid or limit using them. On the other hand, you get a chance to improve your health too.


  1. Reduce Spending on Eatables

You never know the amount until you keep an account of your expenses on snacks, drinks, and meals. Instead of paying for coffee, you can prepare one at your home, and preparing your meals at home can save a lot of money and keep you healthy. Shop groceries in the local market where prices are quite cheap.



  1. Pay Down Your Debts

Monthly payment of debt is one of the major hurdles in saving money.  The sooner you clear your debt, the more money you could save. This way you can reduce the interest to be paid and eventually convert them into savings. If possible adjust your requirements according to your income and savings and do not opt for debt.


  1. Collect Vouchers and Rewards

 Websites like Swagbucks, Topcashback empowers you to acquire gift vouchers and rewards when you shop on the web. Get money back each time you make a purchase online. Join online surveys that reward money for answering them. This can be the best money saving idea that one can start anytime, anywhere.


  1. Offer Your Service

Did you know, you can make money just by offering some help to others and that too in a few hours. There might be a person in your neighborhood who is looking for a babysitter, someone who might need help in cleaning the backyard, or a part-time cook. Just by offering your quality service to these people, you get paid in return. These are the best saving ideas you can start right away.


  1. Restrict Online Shopping

Though online shopping can get you some amount of cashback, it also makes you spend more. Even though the product is of no use to you, its attractive description makes you purchase them. Whereas the same product might be available at the local store even cheaper. The best saving idea here is to compare the prices of the product that is available both online and offline and go by the cheapest.




If you are serious about saving money and expecting positive results, let me tell you this doesn’t happen overnight. You have to make a habit of spending less and stick to budget-friendly plans. In the end, you will be surprised to know that your “money saving ideas” has turned into “the best money saving ideas” when you have a look at your savings.





Top 12 Creative Money Saving Ideas


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