A Little About Me…


I talked a little bit about myself in the previous post but I thought I would just go a little more in depth just so you can get to know me a little bit. Like I said I am a college student studying psychology. Psychology is something that fascinates me. The idea that we have consciousness and can think freely is something that boggles my mind and I want to know more about.

Another topic I really like is sociology. Looking at how groups and society organize themselves and work together is a really interesting topic. A lot of what is posted on this site is going to be about current societal events.

I can go a little more in depth about this now but I really don’t like to consider myself a political party or a religion. This view of mine was strongly influenced by Neil deGrasse Tyson but, when you label yourself a certain “either this or that” you lose the conversation you could have otherwise had with someone. Labeling leads people to ASSUME they already know everything about what you believe, and then assign all the baggage of what goes with that particular label. To me I think it is just better to be nothing at all and then go from there explaining what I am and what I believe.

There are many people that have influenced me over the years but some of the many that influenced me are Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Joe Rogan, and Duncan Trussell. To me all of these people are great thinkers who have offered great ideas to the world.

One last thing… if you have a disagreement with me, great! I love to have a good discussion with someone who has a differing viewpoint. It allows us to open up another way of looking at the world. I think it is awesome that we have the freedom to have a discussion with differing viewpoints.



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