Hey This is my blog/magazine www.anopenedmind.com. An Opened Mind is pretty much just an outlet for me to post my opinions, as well as relevant topics I want to spread awareness on and get more people talking about. A lot of what you’ll find on this site has to do with today’s social issues, politics, world problems, economy, current events, and really anything else on my mind or that I find interesting.

 I don’t like to identify with political parties, although if I had to pick one that closest fit me it would be libertarian. I’m not that religious, I would consider myself agnostic.

My main goal of this site is to just bring attention to some of the problem’s facing the world today, as well as taking a look at current events. Sometimes I’ll also post positive news or basically anything I find interesting. Whatever I can do to help connect people, as well as participate in a community of like-minded thinkers, I’ll do. I will also post tutorial articles related to the use of useful software like MS Office or tutorials on programming.

Feel free to subscribe as well as share this site on social media. Commenting is also a great way to spark up a conversation. This is the beauty of the internet! I love how on the internet you can spread practically any ideas as well as have a conversation with almost anyone, instantly.





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