A Trick I Have Found in Achieving Goals and Becoming Successful

achieve goals
achieve goals

I want to share something with you that I have found extremely helpful in my life. This isn’t a key to life or the ultimate answer. It isn’t going to cure your problems or guarantee you success. I’m not going to try and promise something that isn’t true. But, using this trick I have guided my life and changed it in a positive manner. So what is this trick I’m talking about? Here it is: the way in which you think is the number one factor in achieving your goals and becoming successful. Let me explain.

The attitude you have in your life is one of the most important factors in being successful. First, you must decide what is important in your life and make it your main goal. You have to think about your goal constantly. I’m not just talking about thinking about it every now and then. No. I’m talking about devoting your life to achieving your goal. You have to really want it. It has to be on your mind all of the time. It has to be what you get up in the morning to achieve. It has to be in every decision you make, every thought you make.

Success is not just going to randomly fall into your lap one day. It is going to take months if not years of dedication. If you really want to be truly successful you’ll need discipline. Discipline starts with thought. Your thoughts decide whether you will be successful. Look at any successful athlete, speaker, scientist, teacher, leader, or anyone with success. They didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be successful. They put in years of work to make it. They practiced, they planned, they put immense amounts of time into reaching success. These successful people had decided at some point that they were going to achieve their goal.


If you really want it, then you need to align your thoughts to achieve it.


Become positive. Don’t look at the negatives in your life. By looking at the positives you can motivate yourself. Focusing on negatives will only drag you down. You will generate results and become more positive by simply being in a positive mindset in the first place. Start simple. Wake up and be happy you can have a goal. Be happy you thought about your goal and are working to achieve it. Anytime you get closer to your goal, focus on it and the rest will follow. Focus on the positives.


Take responsibility. If you consistently have excuses as to why you aren’t getting any closer to your goal, then you will forever be stuck nowhere near your goal. Don’t blame outside sources. Don’t rely on other people to achieve results. If you really want something then you need to seize it. It is yours to take. Why should you not have it?


Emphasize your goal. You need to really consider what you are striving for as something of value. It has to be what you really want in life. If you want something in life, but place no priority in it, chances are you will never get it. Those who are successful make it their life’s work. They treat their dreams like a child. They protect it, nurture it, care for it. Make sure that if you want it, you would do anything to ensure that you get it.


Think about what you really want in life. What is it that you truly need in order to consider your life successful? Make what you value your goal. You aren’t just going to randomly one day have this goal and be successful. It is going to take time, effort, and perseverance to achieve. But if you can think positive, take responsibility, and consider it a top priority, you are setting yourself up for success. The rest of the pieces will follow. Put yourself in the correct mindset, and you WILL be able to achieve your goals.

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