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Almost There: Should Use of Marijuana be Legalized?

 MarijuanaHey folks. We are getting there. Legalization is coming… it is now just a matter of when rather than if. More and more are waking up from their propaganda-laced slumber. There is a desire for change unlike anything before and it is amazing. When people see how legalization in Colorado and Washington, soon to be accompanied by Oregon and Alaska, changes almost nothing other than the fact that people can enjoy marijuana, the calling for legalization elsewhere will be rampant.


Until then, you have an obligation to seek change in your state. Don’t accept letting your state be a follower in this movement. Demand your state be a leader. Unless you live in the South… Then just give up now and move far away. Once you get away we can get you into therapy. I am sure you will need some after living there. I’m just poking a little fun at you guys in the South, there are some great things in the South like the highest rates of poverty, obesity, teen pregnancy, and smoking. Ahh what a wonderful place.


What about those in the West? Shouldn’t they be legalized like 10 years ago? They are making good progress. See what happened there is everyone in the west just got too high in the 60s and they got stuck in time.They haven’t fully caught back up yet.They are just coming out of the 90s last I heard.


What about those in the in the East? I’m not really sure. I think they are too busy to even care about anything else at this point.


I’m not even going to touch on Midwest legalization. In the Midwest, where I am from, only 13.82% of the population has heard of marijuana.



That was fun but back to reality. Marijuana, when used responsibly and in moderation, has relatively little impact on the body as well as the brain. ( I say “relatively” because it still has effects on the body) Compared to alcohol, and not to mention cancer causing drugs such as tobacco products, or prescription drugs with pages of side effects, marijuana has a low harmfulness to the body. Yes, when smoked, there are dangers to the mouth, throat, and lungs, much like almost any smoked substance is harmful. So why can someone choose to an addicting, cancer-causing substance, but not marijuana?


Marijuana is being looked into as a medication for many serious diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and severe cases of epilepsy, to name a few. Also, a study from the University of London as well as other universities around the world, have recently been looking into the cancer-fighting qualities of marijuana. One recent study (from the last year) of the many studies, by Katherine A. Scott, Angus G. Dalgleish, and Wai M. Liu from the Division of Clinical Sciences of the University of London, found that marijuana, when used with radiation, can not only inhibit but also neutralize a rare form of brain cancer, high-grade glioma, which has an extremely low survival rate. I am not saying that marijuana is a good or bad substance, I simply am bringing attention to facts and studies that have been done.


The decision to use or not comes from the individual. Education is key. Potential users and users alike have a responsibility to know what they are putting into their body and the effects, not only with marijuana, but with any substance. I think evidence suggests that if citizens have the choice to use substances such as alcohol or cigarettes, they should also get the choice of marijuana


If you are reading this and agree, then do something to change it. Be active in this fight. More pressure needs to be put to change the laws. The fire needs more fuel. We are getting to the point of full-on legalization, we just need more support to speed up the process. If you are serious about change, do whatever you can to fuel change. Share this blog, contact your representative, join a Norml chapter, do whatever you can to spread awareness. It isn’t going to happen by itself.

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