The Plant Remedy

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Through the use of mind-altering substances, a variety of fantastic benefits can be found. In his book, The Plant Remedy, Travis Bodick from Soul Remedy delves into the topic of plant medicines, also known as entheogens. Drawing inspiration from many traditional sources, including Amazonian and Andean Curanderismo practice, Travis takes this information a step further by adding his own eclectic and modernized perspective to these ancient medicines. This guide is based directly on the authors personal practice with plant medicines and offers all the information you need to contact the spirits of the plants for healing and guidance in your own life.


An excerpt from the first chapter of The Plant Remedy, “Nature is the visible, living garment of God, and through this garment, we can come to know the mind beneath it. In many spiritual and mystical traditions all over the world, nature is revered as the art of God, and as a place you could turn to in order to find Spirit, your own heart, or guidance in life. For some, the connection to nature is easy and the wild seems to speak to them openly, but how do we really talk to plants in a way that lets us hear them talk back to us? Is there a technique that makes even those of us who are hard of hearing able to grasp their whispers?”

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All plants have spirits, and when we connect to those spirits, we unlock the fantastic power within them. For thousands of years, people have worked with plant medicines and entheogens to find guidance, healing, and answers to life’s questions – and with this book, you are now ready to join them. The Plant Remedy is Travis’s newest work which details everything the reader needs to know to work with plant medicines safely and to contact the spirits of plants for guidance and healing.


The intention of this book is that the reader can understand some parts of traditional South American curanderismo (shamanic healing), as well as be able to copy a current working practice (the authors) to the point where they can find their own path of practice working with plants. For anyone who has forgotten who they are and what they live for, for anyone in need of direction or personal healing, for anyone wanting to learn to heal, and especially for those looking to connect more deeply with God, nature, or the spirit world – this book is for you!


And for those truly called to the plants – please notice the Stream of Miracles retreat hosted by Travis this summer in Peru. San Pedro ceremonies at the Temple of the Moon, offerings to Mother Earth with the Q’ero natives and visits to Machu Pichu and other local temples! The perfect way to fully immerse yourself into the healing and magical world of the plant spirits!


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