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I don’t know if you have heard of any of the recent studies dealing with psychedelic mushrooms but there are quite a few new studies that point to the mental and spiritual benefits of the compound psilocybin. One study in particular from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine studied the psychological impact of the drug. The study gave 18 participants (I realize this is an extremely low study number to draw real conclusions, it just gives an idea) either psilocybin or a placebo in five eight-hour long sessions. The study found that 94% of those that were given psilocybin found the experience in the top five most meaningful experience of their life. Out of the 94% finding it in their top five experiences, 39% considered it the most valuable experience of their life. The study goes more in depth on how the participants felt calmer, happier and kinder in their lives after the sessions. Other studies also link the drug in being helpful in depression and decreasing the risk of suicide. I’ve had a bit of a radical idea for a while now…


My idea is something that I hope will someday benefit society and help people in their lives. This is a long-shot and will only ever happen with further research and the loosening of strict drug laws. My idea is a clinic where psychedelic drugs are administered as a way to mentally and spiritually help people. This clinic would help those with depression, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, cluster headaches, and anyone who wishes to enhance their life. The goal would be to provide a safe atmosphere where anyone could have a positive life experience. I see it like this… There would be a place where anyone who wanted to enhance their life through psychedelic therapy could go. This place would be somewhat of a combination of a clinic, spa, and education center.



Those wishing to participate, clients, would first go through an education course on the effects of the drug, most likely psilocybin (LSD, mescaline, and MDMA have also been noted as having beneficial qualities). The client would also learn what to expect while on the drug, and how to avoid an unpleasant trip. The education course would also go through relaxation and meditation techniques to ensure the trip is as beneficial as possible. There would be a thorough briefing on how the actual therapy works so there are no surprises on the appointment. After finishing the course, the participants would then be allowed to have a session with the psychedelic. They would schedule a day to return to the clinic to have the drug administered.


The day of their appointment, the client would have a final briefing of the process and schedule. Tests will be taken to ensure the person having the therapy is healthy, both physically and mentally. Those who are not healthy would be denied the treatment at the time and may return when they are in the proper state.


This is where the spa comes in. Clients would be taken to a private room. This room would have low lighting, the choice of music, a bed, and other items to enhance but not distract form the trip. The room would basically be something you would see in a spa; a room where the user could be as stress-free as possible. Before being administered the drug by a doctor, the client would do some relaxation exercises to put their mind in the right state to take a powerful, mind-altering drug.


Finally, when the client is ready, a doctor would administer a specific amount of psilocybin. The user would then spend the next 6-10 hours in the room. The goal would be for the trip to be as introspective as possible, therefore providing the most benefits. There would be staff on hand as well as a doctor at the site in case anything went wrong.


These centers would provide a place of therapy and insight for members of the community. It would be a place for people to take psychedelics in a safe environment. Doctors and a knowledgeable staff would be on hand at all times to assist with the therapy. The goal would be for the patient to be able to take away something from the experience to benefit them in their life. Like I said, it is a longshot for clinics like this ever being legally possible. With more studies and the relaxing of drug laws, I am optimistic that I will see something like this during my life, though.

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