Stamp Collection: An Affordable Hobby- Part 2

philately stamp collection
philately stamp collection


In our last article, I had introduced you in the hobby of stamp collection. In that article, we discussed the brief history of stamp collection, how the hobby of stamp collection emerged and, how you can start the hobby of stamp collection as a beginner and the tools required for starting this beautiful hobby, also known as “kings of hobbies”.

In this article, we are going to discuss about why to collect stamps, the different themes of philately and some of the valuable stamps.

Why Collect Stamps:

Before we move further, let’s first try to understand why collect stamps as hobby?

Some people collect stamps just for relaxation and enjoyment. Some people love to collect stamps as they love artworks. Different countries issue stamps bearing the image of famous artworks of their country or some rare animal/plant/flower photos on them. Some people collect stamps as an investment purpose hoping that someday they will find and buy rare stamps or expensive stamps which will bring them good return of their investment of time and money. But one thing is for sure, you need to be knowledgeable to collect good stamps- the stamps having some value. The more experienced stamp collector you are, the more knowledgeable expert you become in this field.

So ask yourself this question: Why do I want to start collecting stamps? Do I have any interest in this hobby? Do I like artworks? Do I want to gain more knowledge about the culture, customs, wildlife, famous people of different countries around the world? Or I just want to collect stamps as good investment? Generally speaking, rare stamps can bring more value to the collection. But please be prepared to pay higher amount if you are going to buy rare stamps. 

Stamp Collection Themes:

Your stamp collection should speak about your personality. Maybe you like wildlife. Fine! Why don’t you start by collecting wildlife-themed stamps from different countries?! You can also start by collecting country-wise stamps or stamps from just one specific country. You can start collecting theme-based stamps like wildlife, flowers, birds, sports, butterflies, ships, aircraft, famous people, people or history. It is really up to your choice, interest as well as the source of your stamps.

Commemorative stamps are issued to celebrate any event and these are sometimes sold in limited quantities. Souvenir sheets and miniature sheets are issued by the Postal Departments of many countries but these are sold in large volumes to raise money so these are not going to get you good value if you want to sell them in the future.

Famous Stamp Collectors:

Philip Ferrary was most famous of all the stamp collectors because of his huge collection of stamps. He spent a huge portion of his inherited wealth in buying stamps from different countries. His collection of stamps is impressive and true to the meaning of “hobbies of the kings”.

Queen Elizabeth II, Politician and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, former US President Franklin Roosevelt,  musician John Lennon, Sports personality Maria Sharapova, world-famous investor and businessman Warren Buffet,  actor Patrick Dempsey are some of the famous stamp collectors.


As we can see, that stamp collection as a hobby is loved by many people, from politicians to businessmen to Sportsperson, and it can be started by you too. Start your collection today from the stamps you received through postal mail or buy from stamp dealers. Then buy some basic equipment like a hinge, tong, stamp album to arrange your collection. Start from one country or one theme. Then grow your collection whenever you get an opportunity.  

Most importantly, start this beautiful hobby of stamp collection as pleasure. If you get something in return, consider that as a bonus.


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