An Opened Mind Name Inspiration


Many of you may wonder where I came up with the idea of “An Opened Mind” for my blog.


I was raised in a house with pretty conservative parents. I really do appreciate the fact of this, as it gave me some good values… At the same time though, I also started to realize some of the downfalls of their beliefs. I wouldn’t say I was brainwashed by them or anything, but I really only took their opinions as the truth. When I was a teenager, I started to realize there were more perspectives of the world. I broke away from their views and started to develop my own. I looked at other news sources, learned from other people’s perspective, and tried to develop my own ideas. I felt as if I had opened my mind in a sense. I do still have some conservative views, as I also have liberal views, and views neither conservative or liberal.


I continue to use this lesson that there are more perspectives of the world in my everyday life. I am always looking to change my views for the better when presented with more information. I try to keep an open mind as much as possible, hence, An Opened Mind was born.



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