Differing Viewpoints


How are you all doing today? I just thought I’d clear something up about An Opened Mind. I want to emphasize that I am only here to share my opinions on topics to open up a discussion and to open up some deep thinking on issues facing the world today.

I’m not here to be some bandwagon-hippie who is against the system and is for this agenda or that agenda. I really am not. Yes, some of my views on life are that way, but I’m just here to shed my view on topics. My view is most likely different than your view or his/her view. Every single person on this planet has unique experiences in their life that no other person has had. Yeah, there are probably a lot of similarities between experiences. But, no two people have lived the same exact life. Therefore, people are going to have different views, regardless.

So, I’m just here to shed my opinions on topics based off of my experiences and my thought process. You may not agree with me and I may not agree with you, and that is okay. I would very much like to listen to other people’s points of view, and then explain my point of view so that we can have an educated conversation. It is perfectly okay to disagree with someone and then have an educated conversation. A lot of times, people will convince me to change my views through an educated conversation. Being able to accept that opinions change over time and then being able move forward I think is a major part of living a healthy life.

It seems a lot of people get angry at the fact people have differing opinions from them. They think, “Well, they think the opposite of me on this subject so therefore they must be an idiot.” To me that just shows that that person is just looking at the situation using their experiences. I figure that most people really truly believe something and if I were in their position, I probably would have the same views.

So to me, it isn’t an issue of people not thinking clearly, or people being idiots, if they have a differing viewpoint. It is just that person thinking logically from the position they are in. Most of the time I am able to understand why a person thinks a certain way by trying to put myself in their position.
Thanks for all you that follow my blog and support me! If you are new, welcome! I hope we can get to know each other. Growing this community is something I am working extremely hard to do. I hope you can pick up something from this post whoever you are. Have a great day everyone!


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