The Interview Cancelled


What do you all the think about Sony’s decision to cancel the upcoming movie The Interview based off of threats from North Korea? Do you think it was a good decision, bad decision, or neither? Why do you think they cancelled it? What is next?

Here is my take on it: I think it is a bad precedent to set. Sony deciding to cancel it after major theaters cancelled screenings, to me shows that North Korea won this one. They threatened free speech and got what they wanted. But… here is what I really think is happening. I think that North Korea has information about Sony that Sony DOES NOT want being leaked. So, to prevent further information leaks, and also to seem like the good guy, Sony is deciding to agree to North Korean demands. I’m not sure what information North Korea has exactly, but I do think it is something big.

I guess we will find out and see what happens with this one. This is quite an interesting situation. Possibly one of the biggest hacks ever; for sure one of the biggest hacks on a corporation ever. Share this and be sure to leave a comment on your opinion! I would love to have a discussion with you all on your opinions.


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