Stream of Miracles: A Journey of Mystery and Transformation


Have you felt something missing in your life? Are you looking to find a deeper meaning in your everyday life? Or are you searching for a sense of spirituality and self? Maybe you just like to travel and have new and unique experiences.

Sometimes the best way to encounter your own self and soul is by stepping out of your routine to see a new part of yourself.  Tour leader and author Travis Bodick works with groups each year in mystical Peru doing just this – stepping out of the normal and into the mystical to encounter the deepest parts of the self which may have been forgotten or not yet discovered.  This is the purpose of his upcoming retreat The Stream of Miracles.

This retreat uses many different aspects of exploration and introspection in unison together to give participants a deep and focused look into their own lives, and an opportunity to rediscover themselves, reinvent themselves, or even heal mental, emotional or physical illness.  Not only does the retreat take you on an adventure with an empowered group of amazing individuals to the some of the most sacred and powerful temples on the planet (like Machu Pichu and Ollantaytambo), but it also includes workshops with Travis and Inka based ceremony with the Q’ero natives descendants of the Inkas.  To top this all off, they also include two San Pedro ceremonies with the famous healer Lesley Myburgh – also known as “La Gringa” – to ensure the deepest connection with your own heart and soul.  This trip is really a little of everything all rolled into one, and makes it incredibly easy for participants to experience all these wonderful medicines, ceremonies and beautiful temples in one go!  

SOM Trip

Travis was led to Peru by a series of visions that started after a near death experience drowning in the oceans of Costa Rica.  When he finally found himself in this land, his heart and life were transformed by the beauty and magic of Peru, and Travis found his calling was to share this magic with others.  Also an author of four books, Travis really puts his heart and soul into the retreat to make it the best experience possible for all involved.  By working with one of the most respected healers in the area, the retreat also ensures that those in need of deeper healing have the support they need to really turn their life around.  Lesley Myburgh has been known to heal cancer, paralysis, PTSD and a number of other illnesses (many considered “incurable” by western medicine) and the Q’ero elders are known as the last people to practice Inka medicine the way it was practiced before the Spanish and European influence arrived in South America.  This is a unique opportunity to really experience something new and transformative in your life – don’t miss it!  

Travis Bodick is the author of four books, with the most recent work being the Plant Remedy. All of Travis’s books are written to help the reader engage with and encounter their own truth through direct experience. Trained and practiced in a number of healing modalities from multiple disciplines and traditions, his wide range of influences allows him to relate with people from all backgrounds, and his focus is on the common threads that unite all practices based in Spirit. Travis especially focuses on nature based spiritual healing practices and helping clients encounter and know their own heart and soul. Helping others to find and embrace their true passion in life is Travis’s greatest joy. A musician and a writer, Travis has recently finished his fourth book, and enjoys working his diverse talents to mix healing and ritual with music. You can find Travis at




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